QuickCode Labs

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Learning by Doing – Teaching Apprentices to Innovate, is a new and alternative approach to Apprenticeship Training. The approach recognises that employers are asking for employees to be able to apply themselves in the work place and demonstrate core skills covering Aptitude and Attitude coupled with the Application of digital skills.


QuickCode Labs Ltd has been created to deliver this innovative approach. based on learning whilst innovating , whilst working in collaboration with Further Education (FE) providers, local universities, Innovation Birmingham and local businesses.


It will appeal to students from a wide range of interests but most of all requires those who are curious and want to find out how technology can be used to make a difference


QCL will provide businesses an apprentice training offering as well as agile solution development capability to support the digital economy. Services include  Digital transformation, Proof of Concept (PoC), application development, and project guidance. The company is not for profit.